Units 7 and 8, Avenue Farm Industrial Estate, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. CV37 0HT
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Valued Customers, valued employees. What makes the greatest workshop in the world?
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Customer Values
1) We treat every customer with respect and are friendly towards them. We emphasise that we are here to help them.
2) We strive to get everything right first time. The right parts, the correct repairs – absolute quality in all we do. 
3) We are always punctual and endeavour to meet our agreed deadlines for the customer. 
4) We are always polite, no matter what we face. Professional in all situations and never abusive. 
5) We show in our words and actions how pleased we are to have their valued custom. 
6) We take pride in every customer’s vehicle, regardless of age or cost.
7) We always try to look from the customer’s point of view. What would we want in their situation?
8) We fully appreciate that they pay our wages.
9) The customer is the most important asset our business has.
10 Listen to what the customer requires, and take all reasonable steps to achieve this for them.
11) Convey a feeling of our knowledge and values to the customer. Reassure them that we care for them and their motoring needs.
12) Remember to give everything we give that can be given without a cost; helpful advice, our experiences, opinions and sense of happiness. Passing this on for free will be repaid in other ways.
Employee Values
1) UNSELFISHNESS – We are a committed team and we work together for our common welfare.
2) HELPFULNESS – We are never alone; we ask for help when it is needed, and offer it to others whenever it is asked for.
3) SHARING – We share all we possibly can; our time, knowledge, experience, ideas and profit.
4) FLEXIBILITY – We do what needs to be done without delay. If there is an opportunity to do it now, we do it now. Tomorrow’s future depends upon today’s flexibility.
5) UNITED – We are one team; we are not departmentalised and never shall be. We recognise each individual person is an important part of one team. A combined effort to bring about repeated customer and employee satisfaction.
6) RESPONSIBLE – We are responsible for our success; no job is above or below anybody. Take responsibility, take action and do everything to be the best. If you can do it, do it.
7) RESPECTFUL – We respect everybody in all that we do; ourselves and the customer.
8) IMPROVEMENT – We are passionate about our continued improvement, both individually and the team as one. We never stand still when it comes to improvement and remember that every person is capable of more than they may think. 
9) PROUD – We take pride in ourselves, our premises and our vehicles; Cleanliness, tidiness, safety and security. The pride in our presentation reflects how we feel as a team. Show the world how proud we are. 
10) COMPETITORS – We respect our competitors and never criticise them; we acknowledge their achievements and continually ask ourselves, “Are we as good?...”
11) CONSIDERATION – We value any opinion or idea, from wherever it may come; a complaint is to be regarded as free market research and we are grateful for it as the foundation stone to a stronger future. A great idea is the seed from which great fruits can be produced.
12) GROWTH – We aim to continually grow; if we can achieve this we will be stronger and achieve more each day. Growth is strength and progress – more satisfied customers, more ability to create a stronger team, more opportunities to give to the world

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