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We have a range of courtesy cars for all types of requirements. Small cars, big cars, manuals and automatics. We are more than happy for you to make use of one of our cars whilst we look after yours. If you prefer, you can pre-book a car to suit your preference subject to availability. With adequate notice, we will endeavour to put you in the car type of your choice. Currently on our courtesy car fleet we have:
1X Jaguar S Type (Petrol, auto transmission)
focus estate
1X Ford Focus 5 door hatchback (Diesel, manual transmission)
1 X Ford Focus Estate (Petrol, manual transmission)
mondeo 1mondeo 2
2x Ford Mondeos (Petrol, manual transmission)
1X Ford Fiesta 5 door (petrol, manual transmission)
1 x Ford Puma 2 door (petrol, manual transmission)

PLEASE NOTE! Even if your own car is fully comprehensively insured this DOES NOT give you fully comprehensive on our cars. Therefore, we will ONLY release our courtesy cars on our own insurance.

All our cars are fully insured through our fleet policy, but we do have to ask that you cover the cost – which is minimal. We charge £9 for the first 24 hours, and £5.63 every 24 hour period or part thereof after.  This small cost allows us to offer such a variety of cars for customer use, and ensures only people who require a car pay for it, rather than offset this against our labour rate on all customers. We find that our customers are more than happy to contribute towards this and understand that it is only to cover the insurance costs of our vehicles which is substantial when added up over the year! We will ask you to agree to the following if you require a courtesy car:

  1. A charge of £9 is payable to cover the administration and insurance on the courtesy vehicle and first day or part thereof. This is a one-off charge.
  2. A charge of £5.63 per day is payable to cover the insurance on the vehicle for every 24 hour period or part thereof, commencing at 00.01 hours of every after the day of commencement.
  3. An excess of £375.00 payable should a courtesy vehicle become involved in an accident – regardless of fault. If you are later found by the insurance company not to be at fault, you will be refunded this amount. Your car will not be released back to you until you have paid the excess to Black Cat Motor Co Ltd following an accident. This extends to windscreen damage also.
  4. Fuel must be replenished regardless of distance covered. A charge of £6 will be incurred in addition to the cost of fuel. Fuel is charged at £0.30 / mile covered regardless of fuel type.


  1. Punctures are not covered by the company and will be charged at half of the cost incurred by us. Tyre prices vary depending on size as fitted on different vehicles. Replacement will be a Kumho brand tyre.
  2. A Deposit of £100 is to be left at the time of collection of a courtesy car. This is fully refundable at the time of return provided fuel level, general condition and cleanliness is the same as when collected.
  3. The vehicle must be returned to us in a clean condition. Failure to do so will incur a minimum £60 cleaning charge. Smoking, pets, eating and drinking in vehicles are strictly prohibited without exception.


  1. In the event of a fine coming back on the vehicle once it has been returned you agree to pay a £25.00 administration charge in dealing with the matter. Each incident will incur a £25.00 charge.
  2. In the event of incorrect fuelling you will be charged a minimum £90 recovery fee and £240.00  drainage fee. This assumes the vehicle has not been driven. Subsequent damage caused if the vehicle is run with the incorrect fuel will be charged at full repair cost up to the agreed value of the vehicle.
  3. Damage to courtesy vehicles through misuse, deliberate abuse or carelessness will be paid for before your own vehicle is returned to you. Courtesy cars may be equipped with tracking and data logging devices. This may be analysed randomly or in the event of an incident or suspected misuse / accident.
  4. In the event that you subsequently decide not to have your car repaired at Black Cat Motor Company Ltd but have used a courtesy vehicle for any length of time, you agree to pay a £60 fee. This condition reflects the effort made by the company to assist you and enable you to continue your journey but at the possible loss of other work should the car subsequently not be available for use by a customer who would otherwise have had their vehicle repaired had a car been available. This fee is in addition to normal fees including insurance cover and fuel costs. This condition has been agreed with major motoring organisations and auditors, no exceptions are made regardless of circumstances.
  5. In the event of any damage to our courtesy vehicle your own vehicle will not be returned to you until all costs have been settled in full with the company.
  6. ONLY the person named on the agreement is entitled to drive. Any additional drivers must complete an insurance cover form and will be charged insurance cover in addition to the first driver.


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